freeing yourself from your mind

freeing yourself from your mind:
an unpleasant emotion cause by the belief that someone or something is dangerous.

to be afraid.

it was the month of October that I recently found out my best friend had been diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder. a suffocating disease of the mind, adhering itself to her skin and surrounding her completely. it was not too alarming at first, the change was quite subtle. but as time continued and the dusk grew into a somber I could feel an aura of uneasiness exhibit from her skin. it was her nonetheless, but for the first time I saw her fear in person. As her eyes pierced and palms began to sweat, she was captivated and surround by it. but this fear felt so distant however appeared utterly familiar. with an outline of her figure and a face nearly just like hers. her conscious being becoming deep-seated in a sea of faulty perception and emotions. her sense of self manifests into an unsettling sensation of not being whole. she feared her hands and what they might do while she’s not looking, what she may say and if she could stop her voice from shaking. but mostly her mind. her entire essence slipping away from her; turning dark and troubled. an illusory identity, overdosing on a virtual cocktail of her own anxieties and fears. she could feel it drifting, without her control nor her permission.
fear comes from the unknowing of the outcome. it’s the inner lining of the unknown that forces our subconscious and ego to have instinctive protection over oneself. knowledge eliminates fear, if we know what is upon us ultimately the ego uses common sense to avoid so. courage is resistance to fear, however does not create absence of it. I believe fear has a hold on every being. the incessant loop of restlessness and botheration of what “may” happen. it is a human impulse to desire knowing, the natural want for the conscious to be aware and dominate in a given situation. this compulsive longing leaves us feuding with a false realism. in which develops an endless cycle and one can feel seemingly “trapped” inside the mind. a simple response to this is to create a barrier in the mind, dis identifying oneself from the fear of “what if” or what “might” happen. we must become content with the unknown and learn to enjoy life in the moment; living in the now and breathing in every experience regardless of the knowledge of the outcome. once you are able to do so you begin to free yourself from your mind, eliminating anxiety and worry from projections that were solely authored from the mind. not only will this sensation be incredibly euphoric but it will allow you to savor the journey of life. you only have each day that is given to you, so free your mind from fear and toxic thoughts and be blessed with the now.



there’s a point in your life where we’re left to leave every existing belief to the unknown. it’s funny; we perceive that we can control what we conceive, that what is enthralled in our palms is ours and what slips away was simply not meant to be. but in actuality we have control of solely nothing.

life will present itself only when you are ready to truly see .when you are ready for true enlightenment and awakening. I guess the true meaning of this sentiment is to listen and have patience. your calling is waiting for you, but the other you. the you, you will reach a month, a year from now. the you that has reached an element of growth that only you can define the value of your knowledge and wisdom. so just like you, I wait.

I am destined to know this earth.  to read its essence, touch its skin and leave traces of color that fade into new flesh. to breathe in its life, to feel every grain of its energy and soul, aimlessly moving around me. I know that I will go on my voyage when I am meant to. so I will wait patiently for when the time is right, I will wait to see the world.

I find myself oozing with passion and glaring upon the unknown.