there’s a point in your life where we’re left to leave every existing belief to the unknown. it’s funny; we perceive that we can control what we conceive, that what is enthralled in our palms is ours and what slips away was simply not meant to be. but in actuality we have control of solely nothing.

life will present itself only when you are ready to truly see .when you are ready for true enlightenment and awakening. I guess the true meaning of this sentiment is to listen and have patience. your calling is waiting for you, but the other you. the you, you will reach a month, a year from now. the you that has reached an element of growth that only you can define the value of your knowledge and wisdom. so just like you, I wait.

I am destined to know this earth.  to read its essence, touch its skin and leave traces of color that fade into new flesh. to breathe in its life, to feel every grain of its energy and soul, aimlessly moving around me. I know that I will go on my voyage when I am meant to. so I will wait patiently for when the time is right, I will wait to see the world.

I find myself oozing with passion and glaring upon the unknown.


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