regression to the means: things always seem to come back to the middle

when I was younger I used to venture to the beach, chasing down the waves and observing how they gracefully crashed on to the rocks. however, the moments I was most found of was when I would sow my heels into the sand as the water guided it’s way around me. feeling the sensation of the waves leading me to subsiding realms.

flowing and moving with the waves

it’s easy to misread our true purpose in life. we blame those who hurt us for our sorrow, fuel anger through our diasspointments   and believe that happiness comes from only a pure moment. we treat this perception as gospel and continue to find ourselves only reaching for that one moment.

in Chinese philosophy and religion the yin and yang represented two different principles, one dark and negative, and one bright and positive. both of these forces interconnected influences the destinies of creatures and things. we must find alignment in our own paths.

a predestined plan awaits for you, it looks over your internal state and will always be your answer. we our creatures that are meant for growth and enlightenment. experiencing pain and disbelief does not mean that you are not moving forward; wisdom comes from experience. what is destined for you will come to you when it is planned. we need gloomy days to appreciate the sun just as we need balance in our lives. there is always something good to balance out the bad, life seems to find its way to the middle. we our continuously growing and prospering into our true character. so whether life is complete bliss or utter despair, you will always seem to find harmony within the middle ground. use your greatness and power to spread light and manipulate waves.continue to thrive in your growth, continue to learn and continue to keep moving. 


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