“the happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts”



to let go of hatred and negativity.

to the naked eye the notion of releasing spitefulness and pessimistic thoughts is viewed as a simple act. to let go, to truly let go, to exonerate every ounce and taste from your skin, every cold drop of dew that drips from the skies and tries to make its way to you, takes more action than just a simple saying.  however, if you’ve gotten to that saying, then you are half way there. the reasoning behind this is because many love to preach of being positive and loving towards others but fail to display the deeds in which lead to doing so.

we must feed each other

negative hearts long for negative tongues, and those who have never found anything to rejoice over in their lives aren’t going to seek for those who do. your positivity shouldn’t come from what you have to exhibit. it is perspective, it is the one who has nothing and has been through everything yet continues to smile. whose skin has become so thick that nothing seems to penatrate it. so what I ask of those who have reached that point, who are oozing and radiating with positivity, is to show those who are blind.  leading those who chose to close their eyes and allow them to feel rather than see. to become sound within themselves; seeking out their dimmed light and hearing for melodies within  walls of silence.

acts of kindness

never forget the we all stand on this earth together, never forget how contagious a smile can be. radiate your light and fill it within others.



I love myself

“be an independent thinker at all times, and  ignore anyone who attempts to define you in limiting ways” – Sherry Argov…

I love myself,

I love how obnoxious my laugh can become, I love my creativeness, I love my skin, I love my mind, I love my worth;

I love my worth.

here today we deem anyone with an ounce of confidence as egotistical and boastful. when did it become so shameful to love ourselves? when did we bestow others the honor to admire one and other from a distance while we tear ourselves apart in our own safe keeping? you can preach about my beauty but when I sing the same song in a different melody suddenly it’s ludicrous and nonsensical?

I love myself enough to know what I deserve. I chose to only confine myself with others who aspire for me to flourish and achieve greatness on earth. those who pine to be around me and treat me with grace. who are overflowing with positivity and beauty. I love myself enough to remove anyone with negativity and toxic personalities who dictate my emotions and mindset.

and I will not apologize for loving myself. I will not apologize for being where/who I am because of how long it took me to reach this purpose. I’ve exhausted innumerable nights of my life continuously resenting my appearance and what I stood for. having friends that did not benefit me in any matter. It took me three years to get here and I refuse to ever go back to questioning or doubting myself due to people who do not value me.

“there are some people who are meant to be in your life forever, others just make an appearance”

not everyone is meant to love you, not everyone is even meant to like you. that is your job. it is your job to wake up loving yourself and to go to sleep loving yourself, and the moment we place that position into unfamiliar hands is the moment we begin to lose ourselves. I never used to understand why people would leave my life. I never understood the concept of people entering your life to teach you something. I would constantly try to change myself in order for them to stay, change to what I thought they would approve of so that I didn’t have to be alone. which is completely and entirely absurd. it wasn’t until I gained self-awareness and discovered my true purspose that I realized they weren’t meant to stay. I was never meant to be in one place, I was never meant to stay with the same people my whole life. I’m meant to collect memories, capture every moment drifting to the skies and make it a part of me. I will venture, I will meet new people and breath in old ones, others will drift apart and go to their calling. and with every being that crosses my path I will learn something new. each one will place a piece within me until I’m whole again.  it’s odd to think that it took me this long to come to this conclusion, but I’m at peace.

where are you?

remember that there is always something bigger. life is something bigger. never let others define nor challenge who you are. it’s okay to feel sorrow, it’s okay to feel uncertainty at times, it’s okay to feel beautiful. but do not allow others to be the reason you feel that way, to be the only reason you feel that way.

you are of infinite worth, and never forget that.



we are all one

our bodies

our minds

our souls, connected.

creating this blog I had solely one aspiration, to reach others. venturing to deeper depths and altitudes of oneself. intertwined with great minds and essences.

I will show you my earth, stars, and moon. I will show you clarity and self -awareness . I will whisper out my hallucinations and exhibit my reality and morality. journeying through my body and savouring my conscious being.

as you enter me into your sanctuary. your garden of beauty and visions. introduce me to your music, beliefs, your haven of truth. what do you yearn for, lust after, fear? allow my mind to reach the highest peak of enlightenment and wisdom. our energies charged and powered by each other. feeding off of one and other and creating absolute magic.

7 posts; 10 viewers. 6 from the United States, 3 from Nigeria, and 1 from Kenya.this is what I long for, gathering souls together into one room. it’s blissful, euphoric even. I don’t need millions of viewers and followers, because none of that will matter. I want to speak with greatness that comes in different languages. whether it’s two of them or two thousand. it’s the desire to wonder, to question the notion of life and seek for the answer. and in the end we will see,

our bodies,

our minds,

our souls, connected.

images of the mind

images of the mind

“what do you write about?”…

there are constant questions that I find lingering over ones state of mind, persistently pondering to what it is that I actually write about.

“so it’s a journal; poems?”

and in all I’ve come to the realization that it’s neither of those things. my writing in a sense does not have any defining areas or limitations to just a “journal’ or “poems”. because my mind was morphed and hand made to eliminate the notion of restraint. in actuality control and boundaries are boring. my thoughts become dreary to the sight of conformity and order. it forces life to become tasteless; colorless to the touch of anything out of the ordinary. so I choose to view life from a different perspective.

my mind drifted away from my body long ago, I discovered light in areas that only held shadows. my thoughts overwhelm me and captivate me. I have whispers of lucidity that dance around me until I choose to decipher where they will venture next.